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How To Transfer Your Domain To Us

Benefits of Transferring Your Domain To Us

  • Contact us anytime! We provide 24/7 customer support
  • Get significant savings over many other registrars
  • Efficiently manage all of your domains using our Domains Dashboard
  • No more worries about your domain expiring through our automatic domain renewal service
  • Protect the personal information linked with your domain by adding Domain Privacy + Protection

Transfer Your Domain To Us

Note: This process is for new customers who do not have accounts with us yet. If you are an existing customer, please click here for instructions.
  1. Please go to https://www.domain.com/domains/transfer.
  2. Enter the domain name that you would like to transfer, then click on Continue. 
  3. The next page will show you the following information:
    • a. Domain status - e.g., locked or unlocked
      Domain status
    • b. Authorization/EPP code field - where you input the unique string of characters from your domain registrar.
      Authorization/EPP code field
    • c. Transfer another domain - click on this if you would like to transfer another domain to us.
      Transfer another domain
    • d. Transfer checklist
      Transfer checklist
    • e. Check the domain status through Whois
    • f. Watch how to transfer your domain - link to a video tutorial on how to move your domain to us
    • g. Link to our Chat Support Team for quick answers
      domain status through Whois, video tutorial, Link to our Chat Support Team
  4. If your domain's status is good for transfer after going through the checklist, enter the Authorization/EPP code in the authorization code field. Click on Apply.
    enter the Authorization/EPP code
  5. The domain will be added to your Shopping Cart. Click on Continue. 
    Click on Continue
  6. Fill out your Billing Information and click on the Purchase Now button.
    Click on Purchase Now
Info: Typically, the account is created instantly after proceeding to the checkout page. You will receive a Welcome Email suggesting creating a password to log in to your account. The automatic domain transfer process usually completes within 5-7 days.