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Connect your brand with the fastest growing economic region in the world.

The .asia domain is the official web address for Asia-Pacific countries, where over 4 billion people call home — roughly 60% of the world's population. Safe to say, a .asia domain gives your brand incredible exposure and potential for growth.


Why register a .asia domain name?

A .asia version of your site opens up your brand to over half of the world's internet users in ICANN-designated Asia-Pacific countries, which include over 4.1 billion people, or 60% of the world's population. Expanding into this large market could be a game changer for your business with exposure to the 70+ countries that are driving much of today's global economy.

Since this TLD represents Asia as a whole, as opposed to individual countries such .cr, .jp, or .kr domain extensions, it is especially useful for corporations or entities who operate in multiple Asian countries.

Are there any requirements to registering a .asia domain?

Any person or entity can register a .asia domain. So if you want one, it's all yours. Simply look for the .asia domain you'd like and claim it as your own. Simple as that.


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