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Why .app?

One of the newer domains to hit the market, .app just became available to the general public in 2018. And the domain couldn't be any more relevant. App-obsessed consumers combined with the abundance of tech companies fighting to put out the latest and greatest has made .app one of the more popular domains of recent time.

Market your app with your domain

If you've already got a mobile or web application out there, or are planning to create one, now's the time to snatch your .app domain. You don't want someone else to grab it before you do, after all. Once you have your .app domain, your URL alone will tell consumers right away what kind of product you have to offer.

Who can grab a .app domain?

Technically, you don't need to have an app to grab a .app domain. Maybe you're creating a portfolio of your best work for job applications, or you've got tips on the best gaming apps out there. Whatever the case, there's no rules about who can claim one.

Why is .app more secure?

Owned and operated by Google, .app is the first domain extension to include HTTPS security built-in. That means you'll need an SSL certificate for your new .app domain, which ensures customers' information will be encrypted and protected when they share private data on your site.


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